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Paulo Freire: Pegagogy and Social Change

by: Henry A. Giroux, t r u t h o u t | Op-Ed

“For Freire, pedagogy was central to a formative culture that makes both critical consciousness and social action possible. Pedagogy in this
sense connected learning to social change; it was a project and
provocation that challenged students to critically engage with the world
so they could act on it.”

“What Freire made clear is that pedagogy at its best is not about
training in techniques and methods, nor does it involve coercion or
political indoctrination. Indeed, far from a mere method or an a priori
technique to be imposed on all students, education is a political and
moral practice that provides the knowledge, skills and social relations
that enable students to explore for themselves the possibilities of what
it means to be engaged citizens, while expanding and deepening their
participation in the promise of a substantive democracy.”

“Critical pedagogy, for Freire, meant imagining literacy as not simply
the mastering of specific skills, but also as a mode of intervention, a
way of learning about and reading the word as a basis for intervening in
the world.”