Marx’s Capital Reading Groups

Call for Organisers/Participants
Reading Marx’s Capital Volume 1

The global financial crisis has provided conservative governments across the globe with an alibi for launching an assault on society – slashing public spending and welfare whilst digging us deeper in to the quagmire of the markets through rampant privatisation. This recession, the biggest since the Great Depression, has generated a renewed surge of interest in Karl Marx’s work in the effort to understand the origins of our current crisis.

In recent months, a growing number of autonomous groups have been forming in cities internationally with the aim of providing support structures for the reading and interpretation of Marx, activating his texts as catalysts for discussion and action. From March 2011, new reading groups will meet in Sheffield, London and Liverpool to study Capital Volume 1 with the aid of David Harvey’s free on-line video lectures, operating autonomously but forming connections through the reading and discussion that will develop.


If you are part of a collective or group that is interested in reading Capital Volume 1 in 2011, or if you would like to organise or join a group please get in touch with your name and location. At your request we will aim to put you in touch with others in your area.

Also, if you are already part of a group that is reading Capital Volume 1 or planning a similar course please get in touch.

General email

Individual groups:
There are already groups meeting in Sheffield, London, Manchester, Bristol, Liverpool and Poole with more to come….


This callout was initiated by Strategies for Free Education. Liverpool based activity is associated with The Politics and Aesthetics Reading Group, a Liverpool based reading/discussion/action group.

This movement is not affiliated with any political group or party, it is intended as a radical use of the spare time which our new found unemployment currently allows us and it is built on a belief in free education without the burden of lifelong debt. For support we recommend that groups use David Harvey’s online video lectures and his book A Companion to Marx’s Capital, Verso, 2010.


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