People we intend to contact for meetings / long term discussion:

Andy Abbott / Black Dogs
Gary Anderson – Institute for the Art & practice of Dissent at Home
Bruce Asbestos
Dave Beech
Pavel Bucler
Ele Carpenter
JJ Charlesworth
Roy Coleman
Alex Coles
Common Culture
Andrew Dodds
Leigh French
Neal Gray
Hewitt & Jordan
Sophie Hope
Derek Horton (07.10)
John Jordan
Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau
Etienne Lantier – University for Strategic Optimism (11.01.11)
Maresa (& Caroline) MacKeith
Malcolm Miles
Anna Minton
Social Sculpture Research Unit, OBU
Simon Murray
Maria Pentaraki
Paul Pieroni
Really Open University
Becky Shaw
Dan Smith
Paul Sullivan
Ange Taggart
Sam Vardy
Jennifer Verson
James Wallbank
David Whyte


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