Events we are taking part in.


Alternative Strategies Temporary Space Leeds


Terry Slater and Charlotte Morgan represented Strategies… at this series of discussions, which ‘stem from the desire to look creatively, critically and productively at different ways of approaching self organised Education and methods for building on and disseminating knowledge. From positions within and alongside the institution to engagements which seek to adapt and reform, and those which function completely outside the dominant model.’

We took part in the following discussions:

Thursday 24th March 7pm. Open Discussion.
Education Cuts or Amputations? Will the recent cuts and tuition fee trebling serve to further privatise education, and deepen divisions for access to knowledge or stimulate an era where critical thought and discussion become dislocated from market forces making intelligence an unquantifiable product?
Tuesday 29th March 7pm. Open Discussion.
Alternative Education: approaching structure in independent, collaborative learning. When setting out to teach one another, how do we use structures which are useful to create continuity and feelings of mutuality in development without being limiting, prescriptive and static. Can we have structure without compromising on the ideological position of an alternative to institutional education. Are there structure that are responsive to analysis and action?

For more details see the Alternative Strategies website.


If Not Then What?

If Not Then What image
The project If Not, Then What? invites proposals from artists to develop and trial new visions of society with fellow and members of the public, through a series of creative workshops. Leading participants through a process of ‘imaging’ a different kind of society, the workshops will create works to be presented in public spaces, including a structure specially built by artists Charlesworth, Lewandowski & Mann, which will be sited at the Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground at Chelsea College of Art & Design from 1-12 March 2011.

See our Projects page for more details on our If Not Then What? project, Where’s the Salt?

For further information on the programme visit the Chelsea Prog Blog.
Twitter -@ifnothenwhat


Art School Alternatives
Corridor 8 Symposium
Liverpool John Moores’ University
7th October 10 – 6pm

‘Drawing together a range of practitioners whose work looks to the communal, collaborative and participatory, Corridor8 contemporary visual art magazine presented a dynamic symposium that explores methods of learning and ideas of schooling.’


Art School Alternatives workshopStrategies… invited participation in an hour-long collective experiment into narrative knowledge transfer; borrowing from sites of informal exchange such as market trading, pub conversations and speed dating, this session aims to subvert academic/intellectual hierarchies and explore the subjectivities of knowledge by tapping in to the archive of information held within the minds of the participants.

Further information about the conference:

‘Is school a place, an institution, a set of facilities, a situation, a circumstance, an attitude, or a constellation of relationships of the transfer of acquired, invented, and accumulated knowledge…?’ Raqs Media Collective, ‘Art School: Propositions for the 21st Century’, MIT Press (2009)

The symposium explored methods of learning and ideas of school, and drew together a range of practitioners including Department 21, Heath Bunting, Kate Rich, Islington Mill Art Academy, Lady Lucy, Circa Projects, Megan Wakefield, Black Dogs, A Latento, No Fixed Abode, and Artmarket/Kunstfreund.

Visit Art School Alternatives and Corridor8.


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