Minutes from Sheffield meeting

Glasgow Open School – we talked about making contact with this lot, initially through email with a text about what we’re up to/interested in, or maybe visiting them. Charlotte was keen to visit Glasgow and there were others there who people wanted to make contact with… (Variant lot? Ellie Harrison? eeek, can’t remember)

Remote Collaboration – Terry spoke about this in relation to looking at our working practice (sorry Terry I can’t remember the source of this). Looking comparatively at Carrot Workers, the intensity of their activity as inherent to their close geographical proximity. How might we think / talk about our remote collaboration? We have set something in motion but what is it and how is it sustaining/developing?

Access Space – Charlotte is programming some forthcoming events and put forward the possibility of us doing something… Could/would this be in relation to the open source discussion?

Marx Reading Groups – We updated each other on how these are going. The feeling was really positive, particularly in terms of connecting with new people/networks in the cities through the reading groups.

DIY Proposal – Dan has started the proposal and will lead (I can help and edit) with others to feed in thoughts/ideas (Sorry for corporate language!). The basic outline is a reading week in a location in which all the participants stay, cooking/eating/exploring together and sharing in discussion and other activities which the texts will feed into. it will be open to between 5-10 other artists (plus the 5 of us), advertised by open call and selected by us.

C, T and I talked mainly about the location/accommodation as this seems to be key in terms of how we write about what we’re doing, what are the key areas of theory/research we might draw on to think about it.

The key thing with the location seems to be what are we positioning ourselves in relation to? How important are the elements of being cut off, geographically and technologically?

We got quite excited thinking about the possibilities of where we could go. Peripheries, urban/agricultural hinterlands and bleak suburbia seemed to have potential, also small/market towns like Matlock. We also thought of places that were linked to the beginnings of the industrial revolution, mining towns etc as this could tie in with our position of thinking about advanced industrialised capitalism.

We also talked about whether we should be visible, how or whether we would engage with the publics of these places, and how that might be charged in terms of artists engagement with places perceived to be outside of the urbane, the “Cultural”, whatever.

No conclusions really about all this but some interesting discussion.


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