Minutes from Skype meeting 13th December 2010.

– We started to speak about how we work together and separately at the same time and how we can develop strategies for us all to have agency within the group.

– How to approach people at this stage about the project. We discussed that it might be good if by Friday each of us suggested two or three people who they would like to contact about the project. This could be people whose practice that we might admire, whose perspective we would value on what we are undertaking at this stage, who we would like to develop a relationship with. We said that we would give a few lines about that person, what they do, where they are and why we would like to meet them. We can then see what each other is thinking in terms of what they would like to get from their education at this stage. Maybe there are some crossovers, if so we can act on them.

– As an extension of this we said that it would be a good idea to extend that by having a regular turnover of people to meet up with, to keep formulating questions for and to keep being visibly accountable for a development of ideas. This could be much more open, meeting people outside of art etc. This would be something that we could all report back on, transcribe or even record. We agreed that one person per month be about right, so we can talk about them at our monthly meetings etc. Although if we want to do more, of course that’s fine…

– We will now be meeting next on the 10th of January in London and will continue after that on the second Monday of every month. On this day we will be critiquing each others work from the Plaza Principle show before we get too far removed from it. We will circulate the meeting place.

– In terms of deadlines and an idea of collective accountability – after Dan spoke about the text that he wants to produce – we spoke about how we can all be included in deadlines that we set for ourselves, provide help if required but mainly to create a sense of the pressure that we all need to be able to complete things for a specific time. Penny also suggested that the deadline that Dan sets for himself could also be an opportunity for us all to bring something to the group, and that this could continue within the structure of how we proceed.

– There was also an extension on the idea of crits where we said that within our monthly meetings we could set some time aside in that day for other people to come in and crit our work or be part of the day in some way.

– As for the reading of Capital, this seems to be gathering momentum and we can all in a way direct how we proceed with that.

– We spoke of how the Marx Library in Liverpool or even connecting up with the one in London, and also the work with the Centre for Ernst Bloch Studies are uptakes which are open for development together and that there is no authorship attached to either potential opportunity as of yet.

– Dan suggested the idea that, as is often the case with PhD’s, it might be interesting to try and develop a relationship with someone who might play a supervisor role over the period of study.

– Penny will be setting up the account this week once everyone has put forward their details.

– And finally, we will be having another skype meeting before Christmas on 20th December at 7pm.

FINALLY a quote:

A time is marked not so much by ideas that are argued about as by ideas that are taken for granted. The character of an era hangs upon what needs no defence. Power runs with ideas that only the crazy would draw into doubt. The ‘taken for granted’ is the test of sanity; ‘what everyone knows’ is the line between us and them.

(Lessig 2001: 5)



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